Inexpensive Christmas Gifts To Make

These days most people are struggling and the thought of another Christmas and having to buy gifts for the people on our lists can be overwhelming when money is just so tight. Christmas shopping can be expensive and so for some a much better option is going with inexpensive Christmas gifts that they can make themselves. Inexpensive Christmas gifts to make yourself can really be fun and you can get really creative. Our trued friends and family understand that it is the thought that counts, even though Christmas in the US has become so commercial. And really the holiday is about family and celebrating the season and not who got the most expensive gift. Actually, in my experience I have found that the Christmas gifts I make myself are truly appreciate because people can I see I took the time to think of them and create something for them. In fact, this year I got married and a guest made me a bunch of homemade body butters and soaps that she put into a beautiful container that sits on my vanity. I really loved it and the soaps are great. There are many inexpensive Christmas gifts that you can make that will actually be much more useful than buying something, including some of those listed below.

List of Inexpensive Christmas Gifts to Make

  • Bake some goodies and put them in a tin or some other attractive container, this is one of the best  inexpensive Christmas gifts that you can make for guys!
  • Make Christmas candy and place it into a pretty mug or container
  • Make dinner for them
  • Make a gift basket - How To Make Your Own Gift Baskets 
  • This is really an inexpensive Christmas gift to make, create some cute certificates for some service you will provide, like a massage for a spouse, a kitchen cleaning for mom, gardening, babysitting for friends and family, use your imagination. You can use the computer to create certificates or just make them by hand.
  • Make jewelry for them, the craft stores and bead store offer tons of homemade jewelry supplies, that are really inexpensive, you can get what you need and make it yourself. And, remember that usually the supplies are sold in bulk so you can make a variety of pieces to make several gifts.
  • Make homemade candles. Again there are  kits for this at the craft stores and the reason this is inexpensive is because you can make lots of candles with just one kit.
  • Write a poem and put it in a card that you make
  • If the recipient is a gardening buff, grow a special plant or flower in a pot for them. Or create an arrangement by potting several plants into one big pot. This can really be inexpensive when you start early and use seeds. One bag of seeds you can usually create several pots for a few people.
  • Create a silk flower arrangement in a beautiful vase or pot, this is really an inexpensive Christmas gift to make
  • If you are musically inclined and have the means write a song
  • Make a quilt
  • Make a gift with needlepoint
  • Knit a sweater, scarf or some other clothing item, this is a great homemade Christmas gift
  • Make homemade picture frames
  • Create a painting or draw a picture (not for everyone, I know)
  • Another super inexpensive Christmas gift to make is to take pictures of you and the recipient and create a cool photo collage. The crafts stores have tons of cheap do it yourself items for gift ideas like that, you can even create your own frame and personalize it for something suitable for you and the person you are giving this gift to.
  • Make homemade soaps
  • Make oils and homemade bath oils
  • Make homemade perfume

If you want more ideas may I suggest you visit your local craft store, walk through all the shelves and you will find many more ideas to make inexpensive Christmas gifts.

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