Gifts For Those Who Have Everything

Shopping for those who have everything or the guy who has everything an be really difficult. What do you buy for people that have everything they could want and need? Sometimes you have to use your imagination and get creative or just check out our list of the top best gifts for those that have everything and the guy who has everything. 

Original Sphere Spy Pen Camera - Hidden Video Spy Pen
The original spy camera pen is a very unique and unusual gift for the guy who have everything and especially for those that love gadgets. This pen gift set comes with a sleek designer pen that holds a tiny video camera, perfect for the James Bond in your life.

  • 4GB built-in flash drive for more than 1.5 hour of HQ video data recording, or storage of up to 8,000 still pictures
  • SGT Micron Chipset - the advanced video capture enchancement processing unit
  • Inconspicuous hidden CMOS camera in pen offers video recording at 640 x 480 pixel resolution
  • Plug-and-plays into your PC and/or MAC computers
  • Built-in Li-ion battery charged by USB from computer or wall socket
  • Capture still images at 1600 x 1200 pixel resolution

Star Wars Original Trilogy DVD Collection (Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher)
For the guy or girl who has everything and loves Star Wars this premier collection of the Star Wars movies makes a great gift. Included in this specially packaged collectors edition are the 2-disc limited editions of the original trilogy in a really nice box. What are the limited editions? Two disc packages that contain the recent special editions and a "bonus disc" for each film that contains the respective originals. The originals are the un-altered films the way audiences saw them back in 1977, 1980 and 1983. Even the added-in-'81 "A New Hope" in the title crawl of the first film is no longer there. It is simply STAR WARS. Simply put: these are the versions audiences (who were born before the 90s) fell in love with. These are the versions that made Star Wars a phenomenon.

Includes: STAR WARS, THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK, and RETURN OF THE JEDI in both the original theatrical versions AND the re-worked "special editions" from the mid 90's of those films.

Trivial Pursuit Star Wars Classic Trilogy Collectors Edition
And while we're on Star Wars we might as well list this Star Wars Trilogy collectors Trivial Pursuit game gift set as well. Another great gift for those who have everything and love Star Wars.

Bushnell Medalist Laser Rangefinder

Husbands, fathers and all guys and women that enjoy the game of golf and have everything will love this gift of a handy tool that can assist them with the sport. Bushnell has been a leading company in optical devices, including binoculars and rangefinders. Because of this, the Bushnell Medalist Laser Rangefinder is one of the top 3 selling rangefinders for golf on Amazon. The rangefinder is very compact, weighing only 9 ounces and measuring 1.7 inches x 4.5 inches x 3.8 inches in size. Though it is small, it is packed with a number of powerful features that can help any golfer determine the perfect drive within his game. The Bushnell Medalist Laser Rangefinder is an upgrade from the PinSeeker 1500 offered by the same company. However, it contains several features that its predecessor did not possess.

Four different targeting modes on the Bushnell Medalist Laser Rangefinder allow you to perfect each shot you make on the golf course. The scan mode allows you to view the entire landscape around you while providing you with the distances to various targets as you view them. Rain mode provides an accurate measurement of distance even with precipitation in the way of the laser. Reflector and PinSeeker round out the four, and are just as helpful as the previous two mentioned.

Metrokane 6010 Rabbit 6-Piece Wine Tool Kit

Wine connoisseurs all over the world understand the importance of having quality, well-built accessories when it comes to serving and enjoying their aged beverages. And this is one of those gifts for the guys and women who have everything and love wine an entertaining that is always useful. If you know someone that has many bottles of wine waiting to be consumed, consider giving him the Metrokane 6010 Rabbit 6-Piece Wine Tool Kit. This is a must-have for anyone that drinks wine on a regular basis. The six tools in this wine tool kit are necessary for the proper opening, serving, and preserving of wine. Each device works with the others to allow you to effortlessly handle your wine in an elegant fashion. They all have smooth, elegant handles that make them easy to operate. The tools fit nicely into the included case that has a separate slot for each device.

1. Original Rabbit Corkscrew –  Designed with an ergonomic handle and metal teeth on the spiral that allow for easy insertion into the cork of the wine bottle. The device can be used to remove the cork in just three seconds.
2. Foil Cutter – Easily cut away and remove the foil that seals many wine bottles to the cork.
3. Wax Remover – This device allows you to completely remove the wax, which is an alternate method of sealing a wine bottle, in seconds.
4. Drip-Stop Ring – Fits onto all sizes of wine bottles to prevent drips and stains when serving.
5. Wine Sealer – Allows you to reseal wine and champagne bottles after you are finished serving the beverage.
6. Additional Spiral – This is included just in case the one included on the Rabbit corkscrew were to become dull or damaged.

iTunes Gift Cards
Gift cards can often make great gifts for those who have everything because then they can just buy what they want. iTunes are some of the most useful gift cards because most everyone owns an iPod and these gift cards allow the recipient to get music, movies, and other media from the iTunes store. Also check out Visa gift cards, American Express gift cards, discount gift cards, and Amazon gift cards.

Cuisinart CFO-3SS Electric Fondue Maker
Fondue pots are really fun, make delicious foods and are great for parties. This appliance makes a great gift for people that have everything. This 3-quart nonstick pot will accommodate all of your favorite fondue recipes, including chocolate, cheese, broth or oil.

Product Features

  • Electric fondue set suitable for chocolate, cheese, broth or oil
  • Includes base, bowl, temperature probe, 8 fondue forks, and fork rack
  • Elegant, brushed stainless-steel 3-quart bowl with nonstick interior
  • Removable temperature control is adjustable for wide range of recipes
  • Unit is safe for immersion and dishwasher; stands 6-1/4 inches high, bowl is 8-1/4 inches in diameter

Brussel's CT9005CE Chinese Elm Bonsai
A beautiful Bonsai tree makes a unique and unusual gift that can wow even those that have everything.

Product Features

  • Deciduous outdoor bonsai
  • The small leaves are ideally suited for bonsai
  • Imported from northern China
  • 5 years old; 9 inches tall
  • Ulmus parvifolia

Gift Baskets
Another great gift idea for those that have everything is a gift basket. There are so many varieties of gift baskets to choose from and this is something that will be fun and a great gift that everyone can use and appreciate.

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Sony DPF-D1010 10.2-Inch WVGA LCD (16:10) Digital Photo Frame

Moms, wives, and other females love to share their photographic mementos by placing them in picture frames and this is the type of product that you can never have enough of, so it makes the perfect gift for those that have everything. This electronic device allows you to share more memories while taking up much less space than conventional frames. This digital photo frame features a 10.2 inch backlit LCD screen. It offers the stored photographs in a vibrant and crisp display. Those that store their photos on their computer and promise to print them out but forget to do so can place 200 or more of their favorite snapshots on the device’s memory. A remote control is also provided so the photos can be viewed by several people from a distance. The Sony DPF-D1010 10.2-Inch Digital Photo Frame works great for those that have more photographs than they do wall space.

Photographs can be viewed in various ways, with slideshows, stills and more. The delay between each slide can be set from a few seconds to several hours. The photos can be upload to the frame via USB or with an SD card.

Features of the Sony DPF-D1010 10.2-Inch Digital Photo Frame

  • 10.2 inch LCD screen enables standard size photographs to be easily viewed with vibrant coloring and details
  • Stores up to 200+ photos
  • Remote control included for convenience
  • Variety of viewing options, including single image or slideshow
  • Shuffle option allows photographs to be randomized when viewed

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